Psychology Services

At The Rosy Room, Psychology Practice Springfield Lakes, we have warm and compassionate therapists who can help you with:

  • Depression and chronic sadness
  • Recurring anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and worried thoughts
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Eating disorders and poor body image
  • peri-natal difficulties, postnatal depression and anxiety,  the adjustment to motherhood, and the complexities of infertility and fertility treatment
  • Juggling a busy life and work-life balance
  • workplace stress and career problems
  • the stresses of chronic illness and the impact physical health has on mental health
  • grief and loss
  •  children and adolescents struggling with pressures of school, bullying, self-esteem, shyness and confidence
  • the assessment of developmental and learning problems in children
  • family and couple conflict
  • women’s health
  • self-esteem and self-confidence issues
  • workplace bullying or conflict
  • interpersonal skills and assertive communication
Making an appointment with one of our Springfield Lakes psychologists is easy. We take phone calls Mondays through to Saturdays and offer appointments weekdays, evenings/ after hours and Saturdays to suit busy schedules.

You don’t need a referal to see us, you can book an appointment at any time. However with a GP Mental Health Care Plan, Medicare provides a rebate to help reduce the cost.