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Build-Your-Own Buddah Bowl

If you’ve seen the craze for ‘buddha bowls’, you know they are filled with colourful veggies and packed with nutrients. They are very easy to make and can accommodate any ambiguous whole grain and veggie option that you desire. These bowls make for great leftovers and a DIY dinner for the family.

Base: My base is often brown rice or quinoa. Feel free to swap this for sweet potato or anything else you feel would be tasty

Veggies: I often like snap/snow peas, broccoli, cabbage, capsicum, carrot (or any vegetable that steams well).

** I tend to try to add one raw vegetable in the mix (carrot, cucumber or capsicum) to make sure I get a little crunch.

Add vegetables to your base, top with avocado, sesame seeds and sea salt. I love drizzling tahini or hummus over mine.

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