Meet our Psychologists

We have six local Springfield Lakes Psychologists here at The Rosy Room psychology practice, who provide counselling for adults, adolescents, children, families and couples. 

Jessica Edkins – Health Psychologist at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes

Jessica-Edkins-The-Rosy-Room -- Psychology and Wellness Centre QueenslandHi there, I’m Jessica and I absolutely love my job! As a psychologist I get the privilege of being let into people’s worlds and hearing the most incredible tales of resilience and courage.

I was educated at the University of Queensland, where I did a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours followed by a Masters of Applied Psychology specialising in Health. What this means is that I have all the basic counselling knowledge of a general psychologist with the added specialist training in health psychology.

I see adult clients of all ages with mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. I help people to find time in their lives to fit in what’s important to them, to mend or leave an unhealthy relationship, to find courage to pursue their dreams, to create a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, and to transition into a new role such as motherhood. You don’t have to be mentally unwell to see me, you might just be lost and in need of some guidance. No problem is too big or too small.

The following areas of psychology and counselling are my passion.

1. Anxiety disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder I have a strong interest in the management of anxiety disorders, in particular- generalised anxiety, health anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I work with adults of all ages to help change their relationship with anxiety and the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that come with it. Most of my work with anxiety is based around acceptance and commitment therapy and I use techniques to assist people in making room for their uncomfortable emotions so they can get on and enjoy life.

2. self-esteem and confidence in women  I work with all kinds of beautiful women from different walks of life to develop self-love and acceptance, to learn assertiveness and good communication, to become courageous and dignified. I assist with managing bullying and friendship issues, and with preventing perfectionism and disordered eating. I help young women to focus on what they truly value so they can excel at school, university, work, parenting or anything else they dream to do.

3. Perinatal health. I work with women and couples who are struggling to fall pregnant and coping with the stresses of infertility and fertility treatment. I also assist women who are having difficulty through a pregnancy, including pregnancy loss, or suffering in the postpartum period including anxious new mothers trying to adjust to their new role to those suffering from postnatal depression or trying to find a balance with work and family life.

4. Managing Health, weight and body image. As a health psychologist my passion is to support individuals to become as mentally and physically healthy as possible. I can assist you to find motivation to take care of your health, to eat a healthy diet and have a positive relationship with food, and to find an exercise regime that is sustainable and feeds your soul.  I strive to empower each and every client to respect their physical and mental health, to understand the synergetic role they play together, and to take responsibility for their complete wellness.

What my clients like most about me is my relaxed and personable nature. I strive to be 100% present in the room with you, to really listen and understand with a non-judgmental and empathic ear. The safe and supportive environment I create will help you to let your walls down and start to make some real changes to the parts of your life that are holding you back from being truly happy, healthy and healed.


Linda Clifton- Psychologist at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes

Hello. I’m Linda, one of the psychologist’s at The Rosy Room.

It would be my privilege to meet you and help you on your way. From wherever you have come, wherever you are right now, and wherever you are going, you are welcome here.

Being a psychologist means a lot to me. I have a wholehearted interest in thinking, talking, exploring, and journeying alongside you as you discover, and re-discover yourself. I would feel privileged to share your experiences and your growth. I am fortunate to be able to do the work that I love. I have a warm, passionate and genuine approach and I am honoured to be a psychologist, and a part of The Rosy Room team.

I studied at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. I hold a Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Clinical Psychology. I am also an active member of the Australian Psychological Society.

I like to work with a wide variety of people; children, young adults, and adults. Whether doing work on yourself, or within a relationship, or a family group, having a little help or a different perspective can transform your life, and your enjoyment of it. It can be both a challenging and enriching process to work through your difficulties or obstacles, towards your dreams. I have your goals in mind as I support you to live a meaningful life which embraces your individuality and uniqueness.


Marnize Verreynne – Psychologist at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes

Hi, my name is Marnize and I am a part of the wonderful team of psychologists at The Rosy Room.

I gained my Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at the University of Queensland and my Master of Clinical Psychology at QUT. I have experience working with clients of all ages and presentations  across a great variety of settings including teaching, hospital volunteering, mentoring, assessment and therapeutic settings.

Whilst I am confident to see all age groups, my area of passion is working with children, teenagers and their parents to help manage life’s difficult stages and events. One of the great privileges of working with children is that they are so resilient and with the right help and support, are able to change their trajectory to lead more positive and fulfilling lives.

My areas of experience and interest include:

  • Behaviour problems
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Trauma
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Grief/loss
  • Self-harm
  • Self-esteem
  • Identity & gender identity struggles
  • Bullying
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

I look forward to meeting you and your family and working collaboratively together to achieving a more peaceful and happy home.


Dr Alyssa Infantino – Clinical Psychologist at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes
Alyssa officialHello and welcome to The Rosy Room, I’m Alyssa!

I received my Psychology Honours at The University of Queensland and then went on to do my postgraduate training at Griffith University where I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of working with individuals and families with a variety of concerns such as anxiety disorders, depression, grief and loss, work place stress, abuse and neglect, managing a good work life balance, and coping with difficult transitions. I am experienced in therapy across the lifespan but prefer to work with teens and adults.

I am passionate about health and well-being and ensure that I practice what I preach by maintaining a healthy work-life balance, diet and exercise regime. I believe in treating my clients in a holistic way and have a strong respect for the connection between physical and psychological well-being. An essential goal for me in therapy is to develop a supportive and collaborative relationship in which you feel safe and that you can trust me. With this in place, we continue on a healthier journey, working together in finding tools to cope with whatever hurdles life has put in front of you.


Sarah Walsh – Health Psychology Registrar at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes

Sarah Walsh local Psychologist at The Rosy Room, Springfield LakesHi, my name is Sarah and I am proud to be working with the team at The Rosy Room. I really love what I do and thrive on assisting people to improve their psychological and overall health.

I was educated at the University of Queensland where I completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and more recently a Master of Applied Psychology specialising in Health Psychology. I also have a Bachelor in Psychological Science with Honours from Australian Catholic University. My health psychology specialty gives me a strong understanding of the relationship between physical and psychological health and helps me to incorporate health promotion into my therapy.

I see mainly adolescent, adult and older adult clients who are experiencing mental illness including depression, anxiety, postnatal depression, phobias, adjustment disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I am experienced with and passionate about the following areas of psychology and counselling.

Chronic/Persistent Pain. I am passionate about understanding each individual’s pain experience and I work collaboratively with people to develop strategies to decrease the impact of persistent pain and improving their physical, social and emotional health.

Adjustment to and coping with health conditions. I help people to recognise and connect with social supports, learn new self-care strategies, communicate their changing needs and process their emotional responses to changes in their physical health.

Grief and Loss. I work sensitively with people who are at their most vulnerable, who have lost loved ones, life pursuits, aspects of their health or previous level of functioning.

I have also been trained in career counselling and vocational assessments to assist people to return to work when they have been unable to work due to psychological or physical injury.

I aim to provide a relaxed, safe and supportive environment for my clients. I use gentle humour to connect and build a supportive therapeutic relationship and I encourage people to share their experience of therapy as we go to ensure I am effectively tailoring my sessions to each individual’s needs.


Dr Louise Williams – Clinical Psychologist at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes

Hi my name is Louise and I am very happy to be a part of The Rosy Room Team.

I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and clinical endorsement with AHPRA.   I studied at the University of Queensland completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  I have full registration and a clinical endorsement with the Psychology Board of Australia.  I am also a Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS Clinical College.

I have over 10 years of experience working with a wide range of presentations across the lifespan.

I provide a supportive, non-judgmental, positive space for people to be able to talk about those things that are important to them, and that they may be having trouble with.  I like to be able to help others lead healthy, fun, and happy lives.