Meet our Therapist

Karen Peacock- Massage and Beauty Therapist at The Rosy Room, Springfield Lakes

Karen experienced beauty therapist and massage therapistHello, my name is Karen. I’m a Massage and Natural Skin Care Therapist at The Rosy Room. My passion for living a healthy life began with an interest in alternative healing. This led me on personal journey as a Spa Therapist where I was introduced to a different way of nourishing not only the skin, but also the soul.

Since then I have dedicated myself to developing my own unique skills, giving myself a greater capacity to support and nurture others wellbeing. As I opened myself up to discovering more on my journey, my curiosity grew and so did my passion, fuelling my desire to learn more about natural and alternative healing modalities so as to restore balance in the body and the mind.

I love what I do, finding joy and fulfillment in my role as a Spa Therapist. Working with only natural and organic skin care products and encouraging others to live a clean and healthy life, my clients see the results first hand with the reward of great skin; you can often hear me quoting my personal philosophy, “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!”

My own experiences and the beautiful souls that have crossed my path guided me to further explore how negative emotions can get trapped in the body and finding ways of releasing them. I went on to complete my Psychosomatic Therapy training where I learned to read the body and how our experiences are mapped out in our body. This effective training has given me a greater understanding of myself, and others and has deepened my passion for healing the body from the inside out.

I have since completed my Level 3 Ka Huna Bodywork (massage) training, complementing my previous studies and offering a gentler way of releasing trauma and negative emotions held in the body, with the purpose of rebalancing both body and mind.

My most recent exploration of restoring balance was with my Yoga Teacher Training at Radiant Light Yoga on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. A year-long journey I experienced reconnecting with my inner wisdom and developing a stronger self-awareness.

I have relished growing from every experience, and thoroughly enjoy sharing what I have learnt with other like-minded souls. I love working with people and seeing them grow and evolve, I especially like encouraging my clients to take the time to nurture and nourish themselves so as to reap the benefits, gently surrendering their tensions in the body and letting go of struggle.

Here at The Rosy Room, I provide a professional, safe and confidential environment for you to feel free to go on a journey within yourself, to heal, transform, create and expand. I look forward to meeting you and sharing your transformational journey. Please contact The Rosy Room on 07 3818 2067 to make an appointment or for any further queries.